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  • Untitled post 151

    He wasn’t gonna let me lone til he got up here in my lap spoiled already #morkie

  • Untitled post 152

    How come I’m jealous Bailey is sleeping so well on that blanket lol #morkie

  • Untitled post 154

    Really ?!?! #morkie lol

  • Untitled post 157

    Umm humm don’t we look innocent #morkie

  • Untitled post 158

    Bailey got the nerve to be turned over sleep broke out his crate ran around my girlfriends store then ruled things in Target with his cuteness humph! #morkie @euricaetc @courtneylynn1047 @facesbyniki @cheddarbeans

  • Untitled post 159

    My mommy bought me this nice warm snuggly thingy! #morkie