Another Born Day for the Curvy Girl!

I usually don’t get all sappy on the blog because its all about my journey of being a seamstress and continuing to build the business.  But today I reflect on reaching my 45th birthday! While the journey has included good days as well as bad days, I have to admit I am blessed.  I am blessed to see another day, I am blessed to see the day healthy and through clear eyes.  While I still question a purpose and my vision I know that there is a plan for me.. the plan that will be delivered in time.  I don’t always see it — believe it but I know that if I have one ounce of faith it does exist.
I am so grateful to have two beautiful sons who I love dearly and are growing in to great handsome men! I have some of the dearest friends I could ever ask for who have keep me grounded and sane when I truly want to be insane.  Life is good, not without problem — but life is good.
I will be ever so happy to see another 45 years and I hope its with all those who I love and love me back!
*mucho besos*