Month: June 2011

"Just" Friends

Why is it the good ones are someone elses man? You make friends with someone who is perfect for you but yet they are taken? No Bueno!
I personally think its a huge form of manipulation that can possibly get out of had.. too seemingly sane people falling for each other but their is a huge hinderance of one being taken.
Granted marriage is not involved it’s just “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” but lines should be drawn or should they?

Everyday can be a positive day..

Today isn’t one of them.. I keep practicing this very bad habit of getting on the computer prior to anything! I will go to read one thing and it turns into two or three or 5 and hours later I am still there.. have not eatten or even went out for my walk. Well today I paid for it.. Didnt get food until about 11:30 and I could tolerate a thing.. Urgh now I feel horrible.. it will pass but it needs to hurry!

Down 30 lbs..

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks Post-Op, I feel great.  I have lost a little over 30 lbs in the weeks since the surgery and I no longer need any diabetes meds!
For months I had a headache almost everyday, no matter what I ate or did (exercise wise) my numbers stayed over 200. Diet after diet constantly spending money was taking me on a down spiral. I am happy that I was finally able to take that step.  I would like to talk a little about the process of the surgery ..
Initially you receive a bunch of tests to determine that you are a good fit for the surgery.  The day before you are on a liquid diet and you generally check into the hospital early am the day of.  The prep you with IV fluids and then proceed with the surgery which consists of about a 4 inch cut.  After you are bound with a surgical garment to keep all the muscles nice and tight and you are in recovery for about an hour.  You receive a morphine drip which you can self-administer every seven minutes.  You are taken to you room which more test and monitoring takes place.
You are in the hospital approximately two days where you learn how to eat, how to take care of your wound, and more procedure education.
I had some visitors and received some flowers which showed me how much people really cared!
I didnt tll too many people about my procedure because I thought it was a private matter. I did share with my ladies group because I know a few ladies are considering the procedure.
Your post-op diet consists of:
Stage One: Liquid which at first your really don’t feel like eatting or drinking anything.
Stage Two: occurs at day six which is a puree diet, some veggies and chicken and still more soup and soft foods. You are at this stage for 2 to 3 weeks
Stage Three: Soft foods more variety, chicken cut up, mac and cheese, yogurts, string cheese, scrambled eggs, etc. Weeks 4 to 5
I found solace and variety by having baby food and pasta noodles
Stage Four and last stage: solid foods.. here there is still some difficulty in me eating keeping some foods down. You can’t eat too fast or too much and you should not drink in between because it can cause acid reflux. If you eat too much your pouch won’t be able to digest the food and it will just sit and trust its not a good feeling!
I am loosing weight at a good rate but I do know I need to get in the gym!
I went clothes shopping on Saturday and it felt so great to buy smaller sizes.. in fact I need to return something because its too big! but for the most part I am very happy with this decision.

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