Month: August 2013

Complete McCalls 6083 E Jumpsuit, this was fun to make. I made a light blue leather belt with three knots in the middle to match.

Project Review Detailed Pattern Description: Misses Tops with variations
 Pattern Used: McCalls 6084 Pattern Sizing: I cut the 8
 on the top, 14 bottom

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done? Yes I would say so

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, the instructions were clear.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The crotch was a bit short, I had to adjust the waist. If I sewed it again to would make the bodice longer.

Fabric Used: Stretch striped denim— Mood Fabrics NYC

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Created more width in the hip area.

Would you sew it again? Yes might make the halter view in pants.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes, cute jumpsuits in long and short pant variations.

So I have received a few inquires on “what” I have learned..
I purchased this piece of leather from Michael Levine Fabrics in LA without really knowing much about leather, but I was sure I needed an orange clutch lol
First this piece is extremely soft, easy to cut, and easy to sew. its like butter.  Actually its so easy to cut that it will stretch on you.  I used regular all-purpose thread and a regular needle. I did not need to use a leather needle because the leather is not tough.  Also you can iron this leather as long as you have a piece of muslim (which is cotton) inbetween the iron and the leather.  You can not leave the iron on the leather long as it might burn.
I did make a mistake in the sewing process and had to remove a seam, it was very easy as long as I was really careful, took the threads out on the top side — about every three stitches then just pulled the bobbin thread.
Know what you want to construct! I did use a guide of a BCBG purse but mine came out much small which is ok for me as I can still fit my iPhone and fold up flip flops in it.
The snap I feel might be too heavy for this leather, the leather is very soft and its has no structure to it at all.  Although I was strongly advised to NOT use a stablizer or interface; the bag needs it.  The leather is very soft and its flimsey.. not really what I want in a clutch but its too late to reconstruct.  I did add seams to the side (its was a suggestion by an instructor) to give it more stablity, that did not really help.
For sure I will create another bag, and another from leather.. but I will do more research and use a stablizer if I am working with this type of leather again.

My first piece of leather.. I learned a lot of lessons with this lol I will definitely create another ☺#picstitch #diy #sew #sewing #sewingwithleather

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