I finally did it!

After much debate over many years I finally took the step and got gastric bypass (RNY procedure) on 4/26/2011.  I have struggled with my weight many many years. This diet that diet, all natural, exercise.. you name it I probably tried it.. but in the end it has resulted to this action.
I have to say initially during the first week of recovery I thought I lost my mind.  The pain was unbearable and I tried to be a big girl and not take the pain meds in fear of addiction.. but those meds were absolutely necessary for a speedy recovery. 
The amount of food eatten now is probably 10% of what I had in the past.. and the first week I lost 13 lbs.  My next check up is on Wednesday (5/18) Well see what the loss is then.
Its about 2 1/2 weeks out from the surgery and I am still recovering taking it a day at a time.. I have to say while its still a struggle I am glad that I did it it.

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