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Learn Bra Making Live Instruction with Ann St. Clair

Learn Bra Making with Live Instruction by Ann St. Clair and hosted by Curvy Girls are Chic on Wednesday, October 5th and Thursday, October 6th, 2016 at Hobby Lobby Laurel, MD.

Anne St. Clair of Needle Nook
Anne St. Clair of Needle Nook

Anne St. Clair will instruction and fit for two days October 5th and October 6th, 2016
Agenda forth coming. Cost $130 plus 1 kit –  $75 that can be purchased from Anne.  The kit will make up to three (3) bras.
Continental Breakfast and Lunch and snacks included.
Please note: there will be no recording of this event. Ann teaches live only.

**Students must provide their own sewing machine, scissors, needles, and thread. Some basics can be purchased at Hobby Lobby and a discount code is provided when the class is paid for.
**The Basic Tool Kit list for the class is provided once the class is paid for

If you want to stay overnight let me know so can block rooms.
Tuesday evening with be dinner at Mike’s Crab House (Annapolis or Seaside Crab House (Glen Burnie, Maryland)

Deadline to pay for class is September 26, 2016.  Please use the Pay Pal “Buy it Now Button” below to pay for the class:

Queen Anne Bra Inside
Queen Anne Bra created
Student Created Queen Anne
Queen Ann Bra

Class Payment

Buy Now Button


For More info you can join the Bra Makers – Beginners to Intermediate Facebook Group – Bra Makers – Beginners to Intermediate 101



Rainbows Melanin DIY Off Shoulders Top

Hello Blogger Fam!

Rainbows Melanin DIY Off-the-Shoulders Top Red Pants. I saw this beautiful cotton fabric at Metro Textiles in New York and I knew I had to have it.  At first I was going to make a pair of pants but then the off the shoulder crazy reinvented itself and I decided to make a quick top, I used McCalls 6558 for the top — I had this pattern for a while but the photos on the outside envelope is hideous. Not sure why I ignored using this pattern but I did.

When everyone began wearing and sewing these tops again I knew I would make a few. I was even shocked by the sticker price of an Off-the-Shoulders dress in JCrew with the grand price of $138! While I love the brand and the simplicity of JCrew’s clothing, I won’t spend $138 a dress that I can make four of at that price.. anyhoo..

Rainbows of Melanin Off Shoulders Top M6558

Rainbow Top M6558 and Vogue 9032
Rainbow Top and Red Pants V6558 and V9032

Rainbow Top M6558 and Vogue 9032

Rainbow Top M6558 and Vogue 9032

Rainbow Top M6558 and Vogue 9032

The Red Pants V9032

The pants were made using Vogue 9032 I have to say I really love this pants pattern as its definitely made for girls with curves. The back fit is probably the most important for me as the back pants pattern is in two pieces and it allows for the shaping of the rear and waist.  I do have a tendency to cut my items bigger than necessary then I need to take inches and inches out 🙁

Rainbow Top M6558 and Vogue 9032

Cropped Front View

About the Camera

These shots were created with my new Canon EOS Rebel T5 and I am in love! I purchased my bundle at Costco but there are better deals to be had at Amazon.  My kit came with two lens which I am still learning, the lens on these shots were done with the a Zoom Lens 18-55mm out on the streets of Baltimore. When I edited these in Picasa I simply cropped out the unnecessary body parts.. The colors were not changed at all.. I wanted to see how the images would come out before I dabbled in any other editing software.

Cropped Face Shot
Rainbow Top M6558

Cropped Face View

Close-up Rainbow Top1

Close-up Rainbow Top Side 1

Close-up Rainbow Top

Raw Rainbow Shot Backview
Very raw shot! Forgot to crop out the trash LOL


**This is not a sponsored post however this post does contains affiliate links.  Although this post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.**


Sunnies: Gucci (old)
Bracelets: David Yurma
Watch and band: Michele
Shoes: Ann Taylor (old)


A little Retro Dress – Butterick 5815

Hello Fam!
I was holding onto this gifted fabric from My Sew Sister Needles and Fashion and I had no idea what to do with it! Someone else posted this pattern and I said this would be perfect Butterick 5815
Urgh! little did I know I would spend the next two hours fighting with 4 pattern pieces on attempting to have perfect matching 🙁 The fabric 1 Donna 0! Urgh so not like me I like perfect perfect matching.. But I said damn that Im still going to wear this dress and its still cute.. especially considering I had nothing else to wear lol

The patter was quite easy but this fabric is not.. it is too stretchy to hold the shape of the neckline and I also had to cut the sleeves down two sizes too small because they were just that big. I cut the 14 on the bottom and the 12 on the top and expanded the hips as usual but it was super super huge! It seems I could have cut the size 10 and been ok so much so the size 8 on the top!
I got a ton of compliments from the people at the school they were floored I mad this and felt it had so much detail lol too funny!
I’m rocking the rest with rest with micro fishnets and knee high boots..
What say you, you like my dress 😉

DIY Grey Distressed Jeans Simplicity 1430

I saw this photo sometime ago of distressed jeans! I knew I could do my own! Its so hard trying to get good jeans to fit! I did not want anything fancy no embellishments just cute distressed jeans.

I used Simplicity 1430 for the jean pattern. I have used that pattern in the past and like the way they came out. I did add about 1 1/2 in the middle of the pattern to widen the hip and legs as they are slim fit. The fabric I used is a heavy weight Theory Grey Denim that had a bit of stretch but I knew I had to add more to the pattern because it was heavier.

These are the jeans after completion

 Front of the jeans

Inside construction, I used a Robert Kaufman for the waistband lining and the pocket lining. If I used the fabric self-facing it would be too heavy and stuff for these jeans. I wanted heavy but soft distressed. I also used black thread for the top stitching and construction to give it more character. I did not have true top-stitch tread at the time and I wish I had. I will use it next time because I do plan on making a pair in regular blue denim.

For the distressing: I had heavy weight sandpaper and I just sanded across the front of the jeans and the back down the legs. I then cut holes where I wanted more distressing. I sat in front of the TV for about three hours last Thursday and pulled all the threads 🙁 That’s the most pain staking part of this process pulling the threads. But once you get a few pulled you can pull the rest until the end. I also did not finish the bottom of the jeans so I could wear them straight or cuffed. Clearly the cuffed is much cuter.

The photographer couldn’t get over the fact I made these jeans until I showed him the photos lol

You see a red item in my hands and that’s my cape from Simplicity 1775 which I will blog about next week and you will see more of the jeans.
I created the top too and that’s McCall’s 6755 it came out too cute with this piece of knit fabric I had in my stash!

Boots: Rachel Roy from Saks
Bracelets: David Yurman
Watch: Michele
Let me know how you like them! More info on the cape next week!

Self-Drafted Strapless Top and Skirt

Hello Good People!

When Mood had this fabric (a Navy/Pea Wool Jersey) on sale about two months ago and I saw the example that they created here:

I knew I had to have the fabric and create this, I ordered a “New York Cut” yard of fabric.  However, its very generous at 62″ wide.. I was able to make a skirt AND this top. 
The top is cut in vertical and horizontal stripes, in fact the original creation was way to big! Wouldn’t hold up a dern thing! I had to shave off at least another 1.5 to 2″ from each side.. I completed it in about three hours!
Here are the final results:

Here are a few close-ups from when I first created it.. looks cute with sandals too!

Sorry this was a rush photo job! Will get better soon!
Thanks for reading! *mauh*
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