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All About Fabric Choices – Vogue 1467 and a SURPRISE!


Today we will speak about fabric selection for your coat.  Coats are a necessity depending upon what area of the country you live in. I was born in Jersey and therefore it was much needed! I moved to the District of Columbia area with thoughts that I would escape some of that need.. Surprisingly enough our winters are just as bad as New Jersey..

Anyway I have a coat making addiction! I love all kinds of coats, and I love color in a coat! While Black, Camel, Red coats are needed in your wardrobe there are so many other colors you can add to your wardrobe to spice it up!

Last week I mentioned a few fabrics I was using. A brown wool and cashmere fabric which resulted in this coat which is Vogue 9136:

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I had to sit it down for a minute LOL the buttonholes were a challenge as well as aligning the buttons correctly. The coat is very heavy and warm so I got hot quick LOL.  Besides I had to begin this Sew-Along and take all my photos so I could pre-write the posts (ahh yeah that has ot happened lol.)

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So here are some of my other favorite fabrics many of these, well all of these besides the Nassau Blue Italian Wool and Cashmere I got last year on Mood’s weekly sales.

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Yellow Wool Coating Fabric

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I love love love the two fabrics above the feel nice and look nice! I have plans for them both!

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The top one is a “Warm Yellow Textured Woven” it is 100% Wool — for this fabric I am considering Butterick 6140.

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The bottom one is an “Italian Donna Karen Sunshine Wool Double Cloth Crepe” whew try to say that one 3 times LOL it is also 100% Wool! For this coat I am considering this pattern Butterick 6255.

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And lastly this pink fabric.. yes ma’am pink! This is a boiled wool I obtained from one of the Fabric Stores in the Garment District of NYC.. Let me tell you there is simply no other joy than shopping in about 50 different fabric stores in NY — with my favorite being Mood! The wool guys there know me by name LOL I love visiting them and seeing Swatch as well!

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All of these fabrics can be used for just about any coat you can use fusible interfacing or non fusible. Because of the weights I am not sure if Hair Canvas would work with these.. While the fabric is warm it’s not very heavy.. I would need to drape the two and see how they would drape and feel.

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We will speak more about Interfacing in Week 3

Next week we will talk about the pattern layout and should you create a muslin or not..

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As I promised a big Surprise! In conjunction with Mood Fabrics I will be giving away a $100 gift card to their fabulous store!

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How can you win! Fill out the raffle entry below following all the directions and ONE random winner is drawn in Week 3!

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Here is the GiveAway!

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Blogging Works IFB and CAFFBC — Simplicity 1373

Hello darlings!
Its been a great summer or parts of it LOL it has rained a lot here in the DC area *side eye* and really a pause for being of fashion great! However the sun has come out and with a vengeance! Average temperature 84 degress.. whoot woo! 
More about my outfit below
Even the day of this blogging event it rained, drizzled, thunder storms.. urgh! While that COULD  be romantic IF there were one you were sharing it with but .. I digress..
I attended my first blogging happy hour hosted by District Dress-up and Reddz Trading which has a new location in Georgetown.
The event was held on June 17th and it had a lot to offer including one of the local hair shops doing hair braiding.
As you can see she braid part of my hair right down the middle in a partial braid.

Two of the assistants for the night they were impressed with my Juliette Jake clutch and wanted to know if I would like to sell it LOL no I am actually seeking a Red one..

The top of the clutch actually wraps all the way around the clutch I love it!

Some of the high end items you will find here at Reddz Trading…

This is my outfit the day of.. blasphemy so ashamed back fat that has to go!

The front is fine LOL .. this is Simplicity 1373 and a self-drafted Pencil Skirt.  For the top I actually did the spread method and made the peplum just a little more flowy..

The fabric was from my stash, I purchased this fabric from Mood Fabrics it was the last piece of Oscar De La Renta cotton on the bolt it sewed great!

Top is Simplicity 1373 – Self Drafted Skirt

I thought it looked cute with my BCBG shoes found here.

You like 😉

Pattern: Top – Simplicity 1373 Skirt – Self-Drafted
Shoes: BCBG see link above
Watch: Michelle Classic Chrono
Nail Enamel: Dior Glory Special Edition 2014

Little Black Dress with a Little Bit of Leather ;-)

Finished Dress… inspiration below

When I saw this black dress with a touch of leather I knew I had to recreate it ASAP.  I first had to think about how it will be done.

Here is the wool fabric I obtained from Mood Fabrics  and the leather skins were obtained from A Fabric Place here in Baltimore.  I used this basic pattern above and then used the pattern pieces that would be used for the leather.

Then the muslin is created with the NEW pattern pieces pieced together allowing for the leather strips in between.
The zipper is inserted prior to dress construction as its easier to put the zipper in without so much fabric.  

Final zipper insertion
Final Dress worn with a BCBG crystal flower belt and JCrew Studded Shoes.  I think the pink shoes above really give the dress more pop and I plan on wearing pink snakeskin sandals in the future..
What ya think yeah or nay?? 😉
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