Little Black Dress with a Little Bit of Leather ;-)

Finished Dress… inspiration below

When I saw this black dress with a touch of leather I knew I had to recreate it ASAP.  I first had to think about how it will be done.

Here is the wool fabric I obtained from Mood Fabrics  and the leather skins were obtained from A Fabric Place here in Baltimore.  I used this basic pattern above and then used the pattern pieces that would be used for the leather.

Then the muslin is created with the NEW pattern pieces pieced together allowing for the leather strips in between.
The zipper is inserted prior to dress construction as its easier to put the zipper in without so much fabric.  

Final zipper insertion
Final Dress worn with a BCBG crystal flower belt and JCrew Studded Shoes.  I think the pink shoes above really give the dress more pop and I plan on wearing pink snakeskin sandals in the future..
What ya think yeah or nay?? 😉

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