The B I G 4 2!

Well my birthday will be here in less than 30 days and I am looking forward too it!  My mom said she will attend that weekend and I am plannng the following festivities!
Wednesday the 9th Dinner with the girls at Ketchup
Friday our dancing.. having decided where yet..
Saturday – Spa day with the girls, maybe some mid-day shopping, and dinner at LaTasca’s in DC
Sunday – Brunch in DC probably Ben’s Next Door I love their Shrimp and Grits!
I hope people will be able to attend! I love having all of my family and friends around!
I would love love love to have some gifts for the birthday so here is my gift wish list!
A Wii Fit Plus!
Giftcard from Boarders
Giftcard from MAC or Sephora
Starbucks Giftcard
I need need need a new hairdryer with a comb attachment preferably 1875 Watts Ionic
And an Ann Taylor Giftcard so buy new items for my Spring Wardrobe 🙂

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