2015 Universal Soul Circus #BestCircusEver #UniverSoulCircus

I was fortunate enough to get invited to the Universal Soul Circus on July 8.. it was a fabulous show and quite surprising. I had not been to the circus in years and I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few photos from the evening..

This was the opening act.. it was amazing seeing these guys on stilts..
Sorry the photos aren’t too clear but the lightening they used for some of the acts seem to distort the photo taking..
The ladies did some kind of balancing act.. their core is amazingly strong!

OMG the Elephants were so beautiful!

look at them stilling on those stools! Their little leg bands were too cute!

These guys as well were doing some acrobats just amazing!

There was a lot more to the show but the service was bad in there and it drained the phone battery quickly!
The show is here one more day in the DMV and there is a chance to get tickets.. I highly encourage you to attend!
Bye for now *mauh*
Like/Follow their pages it also includes their upcoming schedules:

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