Month: February 2016

New Business Venture Announcement!

New Business Venture Announcement! As you know, you can never have too many streams of income! While my passion is sewing, I also have a passion for planning.  One of my Masters is in the field of Project Management therefore it only falls in like with organization. And being a sewer as well as working from home requires a lot of that..


I fell in love with the Erin Condren LifeStyle Planner (right now there is a sale on planners 30% and when you sign-up you receive emails about the sales) over a year ago and always sought away to incorporate that into some kind of passive income.  Outcomes Planner Bits an online planner and accessory store! I will carry all sorts of fun accessories for your planner — stickers, custom-made stickers, stickers for planning your sewing, washi, fine writing instruments, cute Hello Kitty accessories, sticky notes, paper tabs, notebooks, pencil cases, and eventually some planners.  I will also have some affiliate links and plan on offering affiliates to opportunity to earn.  Some classes in the local area and I also hope to get more into doing things on YouTube since this is a huge driver to Do-It-Yourself information.

Planner Bits Erin Condren LP Giveaway
Planner Bits Erin Condren LP Giveaway

Planner Bits

Has its own site as well as an attached blog.  The blog will talk about more planning tricks, designing, and creating of your planner!


I received a referral link from one of my Facebook friends to join Ipsy

Ipsy February Glam Bag
Ipsy February Glam Bag


.. I finally received this adorable bag and a few cute samples that will fit right in my new Tory Burch York Tote. I think the samples were great but they were just not in my shade. I think that is one of the most disappointing things when I receive these kinds of promos. You answer a good deal of questions about shades and background yet you receive shades that do no match my complexion.  I will though look forward to receiving another glambag.. But if the shades stay the same I won’t continue 🙁

Follow the links to the site and the blog to enter in the chance to win!


Silk Leopard Maxi Dress made with Vogue 8921

Hey Hey! Happy New Year!

Just made! Silk Leopard Dress Vogue 8921 – here is Vogue 8921 made with a Silk Jersey Fabric from Mood Fabrics and I knew it would be some sort of Maxi Dress.. I wore it on Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit with the family but my Grandmother was insistent on me shorting it and it was too long lol.  I digress Grandma “it should be long” LOL. I like it when it kisses the boot or show and you see just a peek, you do need to be careful though and have a hem that is longer than your heel height so it does not get caught and cause a disaster!

Maxi Dress Vogue 8921

This was quite an easy sew only 4 pieces that are easy to adjust.  The back called for a back zipper but it wasn’t
necessary so I omitted it.

Maxi Dress Portrait Vogue 8921
Vogue 8921 and McCall’s 7257

The above shot I really love and it shows a great deal of detail on the dress and the jacket I made.

Vogue 8921 and McCalls 7257 Side-View
Vogue 8921 and McCall’s 7257 Side-View

Leather Bolero

I never blogged about this leather bolero, but it was also made with McCall’s 7257.  I cut my own strips of leather and gathered them as well as made the puffs from some fur I had here.  I created one bound button hole although the pattern did not call for one. I generally look for leather skins no matter where I shop. I can’t stand pleather its hot, it does not breathe, and the sound of the swish swish just annoys me! These skins were great and I actually had more than I could use, I got these skins from New York.

McCalls 7257 Self made ruffles, bound buttonholes, fur puff
McCall’s 7257 Self made ruffles, bound buttonholes, fur puff


Vogue 8921Sideview
Vogue 8921 Sideview


Vogue 8921 Backview
Vogue 8921 Backview

I think it’s a good transition dress, it can be worn late winter, early spring, into summer as well as most of fall until early December “its an all purpose dress” – Jodi from Baby Boy! LOL

Thanks for reading! Let me know how you like it! Until we meet again! **Mauh*

Nail Enamel: CHANEL
Booties: (old) COACH


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