September 2014 Open House at McCalls HQ

Hello Fam….
I know its been a while and this post is long over due lol and I thought about writing about this everyday! Dern! it I am finally getting the opportunity to sit down and write about it.
So as a blogger and follower of McCalls Pattern Company I got invited to an Open House / Tour of the company! I was so excited to be able to visit one of the oldest pattern companies and see the actual in’s and out’s of the organization.  I got to view where the patterns are actually created and graded. We saw the actual samples of garments and some even got to try them on! 
The best part was meeting some of the bloggers I have followed for quite a while and meet new bloggers! We received a tote bag full of goodies and free patterns and there were giveaways in which I did not win *bummer!* I also met a few of the actual pattern designers, marketing reps, and the social media guru Meg! Which I had met a few other times.. it was a great time and I hope they have an Open House again.. I would be there!
Here are a few photos from my adventure below….
This is a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge that I captured from my cab on the way there.. dude was driving on 5,000 lol

Another bridge photo…

I can’t remember her name but she was showing us actual sewn samples that you see on the pattern envelopes and the pattern spreads..

This adorbs lil lady is Oonaballoona! she is a fabulous sewer — mostly of out of box and un-traditional style.. So New York Style so her! She is as adorable in person as her blog!

This is the first time meeting Peter Lappin who made that adorable blazer he had on.. I wanted it for myself! There is another blogger next too him but I am not sure of her name.. sorry!

Guess what this is! Its the famous Fabric Closet.. I died and went to heaven in here!

This is a vintage sample dress sewn next to the most fabulous drawing!

While this little guy — Swatch was not at the Open House he is a resident of Mood Fabrics that I frequent when I go to New York! 

Just a photo outside one of the fabric stores..

And this dude (I think) was found in Dakota Trimmings.. he/she is a big one!
Thanks for reading this post more to come!
Love ya XOXO *mauh*

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