A little Retro Dress – Butterick 5815

Hello Fam!
I was holding onto this gifted fabric from My Sew Sister Needles and Fashion and I had no idea what to do with it! Someone else posted this pattern and I said this would be perfect Butterick 5815
Urgh! little did I know I would spend the next two hours fighting with 4 pattern pieces on attempting to have perfect matching 🙁 The fabric 1 Donna 0! Urgh so not like me I like perfect perfect matching.. But I said damn that Im still going to wear this dress and its still cute.. especially considering I had nothing else to wear lol

The patter was quite easy but this fabric is not.. it is too stretchy to hold the shape of the neckline and I also had to cut the sleeves down two sizes too small because they were just that big. I cut the 14 on the bottom and the 12 on the top and expanded the hips as usual but it was super super huge! It seems I could have cut the size 10 and been ok so much so the size 8 on the top!
I got a ton of compliments from the people at the school they were floored I mad this and felt it had so much detail lol too funny!
I’m rocking the rest with rest with micro fishnets and knee high boots..
What say you, you like my dress 😉

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