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Post Birthday Celebration and New DIY

Hello Dolls!
Happy Birthday to me! Today’s post is about my post Birthday Celebration at Society Restaurant and Lounge in Silver Spring, MD.  I created a few items to wear for my birthday but because Old Man Winter decided to have a “White Party” Thursday and Friday celebrations just did not happen *le sigh*…
Both the top and the skirt are created by me — the top uses Butterick 5895 and the skirt is a simply self-drafted with back zipper and feathers from Mood Fabrics added.
Pattern Description: Loose-fitting front tie crop top
Pattern Sizing: 4-12 (I cut a size 10)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes exactly, I only used three buttons
Were the instructions easy to follow? Sort of, when it came to the criss-cross of the collar in the back it was not clear.  It had to be re-done a few times.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  Love the pattern very cute and versatile!
Fabric Used:Stretch Satin from Hobby Lobby
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes I have fabric on order to create again!
Conclusion: Once again the back collar was a bit difficult to understand, I will consult Butterick for easier instruction.  Although the fabric is quite forgiving I would rather not keep taking the seams out. Otherwise it can be sewn in about an hour or two even with the button holes.
Shoes and Necklace: JCrew (suede and studs — I just love these)
Watch: Michele with snakeskin band
Bracelets: David Yurmen 

Another Born Day for the Curvy Girl!

I usually don’t get all sappy on the blog because its all about my journey of being a seamstress and continuing to build the business.  But today I reflect on reaching my 45th birthday! While the journey has included good days as well as bad days, I have to admit I am blessed.  I am blessed to see another day, I am blessed to see the day healthy and through clear eyes.  While I still question a purpose and my vision I know that there is a plan for me.. the plan that will be delivered in time.  I don’t always see it — believe it but I know that if I have one ounce of faith it does exist.
I am so grateful to have two beautiful sons who I love dearly and are growing in to great handsome men! I have some of the dearest friends I could ever ask for who have keep me grounded and sane when I truly want to be insane.  Life is good, not without problem — but life is good.
I will be ever so happy to see another 45 years and I hope its with all those who I love and love me back!
*mucho besos* 

Silk and Leather…

This is the last in the series of photos that were taken in November, unfortunately I don’t have access to rest of them to share .. More will be taken soon hopefully this week as the weather breaks and I have someone available to take them for me..


This outfit is created from 100% silk and 100% Leather.  The silk was obtained from Mood Fabrics and can be found here. The leather was one big hide I think about 23 sq. ft. and that was obtained from Tandy Leathers in Essex Maryland.

The pattern used for the sweatshirt was Vogue 8877 with alternations noted below and the pants were made from McCalls 6404 altering a few of the pieces.

For the shirt I made it a true sweatshirt by adding ribbing to the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the shirt to give it the bunching look.  The bodice of the shirt was also cut on the salvage as it gave the shirt more character, the sleeves were cut from a different silk.

The pants I cut the legging pieces straight instead of diagonal like view C.  Since this leather does not stretch as recommended on the pattern I should have cut it a hair bigger. Some leather is just like woven fabric they do not stretch. If you get it wet you might find it will stretch but it does not bounce back into shape like a true knit fabric.

Would I create the pants again, yes as the style of the legging have lots of character and design alternatives? Another lux sweatshirt maybe not..

Shoes: JCrew
Hair and Highlights: Kier Ross-Johnson for Bangz Hair Salon Montclair NJ


Fancy Smancy Pretty Girl Apron

This is a two-part apron; you can wear it with the self-binding bib or attach it with the three flowered buttons.  The whole bib is made out of washable (in cold water always) cotton and organza decorating the two ties.  The buttons that attach the bib to the skirt are plastic buttons.  This item will be for sale in the Etsy Shop in a variety of cotton fabrics.. You like?

Tease Me with Teal!

I found this beautiful knit fabric in GStreet I knew I had to have it! It was the last three yards on the blot so of course being the #SewingGoddess I am I purchased it all 😉 I self-drafted the high-wasted skirt, the top is a combination of two patterns and the pants are Burda.  The pants actually came out a bit larger in the front and would need more adjustment.. but below are the alterations created for all three..
Top is a combo of two patterns Vogue 8877 for the top portion and for the sleeves I used from dress pattern Butterick 5211.
High-waisted skirt is self-drafted
Pants by Burda 7250 elastic in the bottom cuff versus the cuff of the original pattern.
Clutch DIY — Coming Soon

Ladylike Suit – Peplum

Well after frustrating myself trying to take my own photos all I have are these stills without me wearing the clothes *sigh* anyhoo… This is a two piece suit made with Vogue 1132.. I made the vest initially seen here came out adorable and quite a few decided to purchase this unique vest. I decided I want to make the whole suite our of fabric from GStreet — a wool navy blue wide pinstripe.  I used the pants from a different pattern as I wanted a more straight leg pant.. No alterations to either pattern were made just added a single silver button.

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