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  • Fancy Ramen Noodles

    Fancy Ramen Noodles

    It is rare to find packages of ingredients that are created for one or just “recipe” size.. So you find alternate ways of using packages or ingredients like “soy beans” for multiple recipes. This dish is Fancy Ramen Noodles 1/4 cup of Lump Crab Meat 1/4 cup of Jumbo Shrimp 1/4 head of cup up…

  • Creating Quick Side Dishes for One

    Creating Quick Side Dishes for One

    One of the most difficult things is creating quick dishes for just one person.. Generally, your one servings come from left over ingredients from other dishes.  Here I decided to have a broiled crab cake for lunch and I wanted some healthy to go along with my crab cake.  I had a head of broccoli…