Fancy Ramen Noodles

It is rare to find packages of ingredients that are created for one or just “recipe” size.. So you find alternate ways of using packages or ingredients like “soy beans” for multiple recipes.
This dish is Fancy Ramen Noodles
1/4 cup of Lump Crab Meat
1/4 cup of Jumbo Shrimp
1/4 head of cup up broccoli
1/4 cup of soy beans
1/4 of a red pepper
Few slices of Sweet Onion chopped
1 Scallion
1/2 package of cooked Fancy Ramen Noodles (These packages already have all the of spices included with the Ramen Noodles)
First cook the noodles until done.  Add olive oil to a wok (if you have one) and saute the broccoli, pepper, onions, scallion, and soy beans.  Once they are tender add the spices and the shrimp saute until the shrimp are done which is not very long.  Add the Ramen Noodles saute those until the color is uniform then add the lump crab meat.
You can add and omit veggies and seafood as you like.  This is and can be a low calorie dish.

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