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Silk Leopard Maxi Dress made with Vogue 8921

Hey Hey! Happy New Year!

Just made! Silk Leopard Dress Vogue 8921 – here is Vogue 8921 made with a Silk Jersey Fabric from Mood Fabrics and I knew it would be some sort of Maxi Dress.. I wore it on Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit with the family but my Grandmother was insistent on me shorting it and it was too long lol.  I digress Grandma “it should be long” LOL. I like it when it kisses the boot or show and you see just a peek, you do need to be careful though and have a hem that is longer than your heel height so it does not get caught and cause a disaster!

Maxi Dress Vogue 8921

This was quite an easy sew only 4 pieces that are easy to adjust.  The back called for a back zipper but it wasn’t
necessary so I omitted it.

Maxi Dress Portrait Vogue 8921
Vogue 8921 and McCall’s 7257

The above shot I really love and it shows a great deal of detail on the dress and the jacket I made.

Vogue 8921 and McCalls 7257 Side-View
Vogue 8921 and McCall’s 7257 Side-View

Leather Bolero

I never blogged about this leather bolero, but it was also made with McCall’s 7257.  I cut my own strips of leather and gathered them as well as made the puffs from some fur I had here.  I created one bound button hole although the pattern did not call for one. I generally look for leather skins no matter where I shop. I can’t stand pleather its hot, it does not breathe, and the sound of the swish swish just annoys me! These skins were great and I actually had more than I could use, I got these skins from New York.

McCalls 7257 Self made ruffles, bound buttonholes, fur puff
McCall’s 7257 Self made ruffles, bound buttonholes, fur puff


Vogue 8921Sideview
Vogue 8921 Sideview


Vogue 8921 Backview
Vogue 8921 Backview

I think it’s a good transition dress, it can be worn late winter, early spring, into summer as well as most of fall until early December “its an all purpose dress” – Jodi from Baby Boy! LOL

Thanks for reading! Let me know how you like it! Until we meet again! **Mauh*

Nail Enamel: CHANEL
Booties: (old) COACH


Vogue 1467 Pea Coat Sew Along Sew Along

Hello Fam!

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Its that time again to prepare for the Fall / Winter Seasons (2015)! Well I have already begun, I completed one coat last night Vogue 9136 in the most beautiful Chocolate wool/cashmere. Just need to find buttons and I will post that later.. The fabric I used is sampled below..

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Wool/Cashmere from Mood

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Brown Wool / Cashmere Fabric

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This will be my first time hosting MY OWN Sew Along – there are quite a few others doing this as well but I want to try my hand at this pattern.

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I was looking for a traditional “pea coat” pattern for a while and I was uber excited when I saw this pattern V1467 in July designed by Ann Klein and distributed by Vogue Patterns ! My sew along will go through a few weeks of sewing this pattern with a final reveal of the coat and the pants which are contained within the pattern.

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Italian Nassau Blue Wool / Cashmere Fabric for V1467

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I have a schedule I set up, I will post a part of the Sew Along every Wednesday beginning October 15. Right now I have a schedule of about 7 Weeks.. My coat will be completed long before that but I just wanted to give everyone the opportunity to follow along as I create my coat!

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Here is the schedule:

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Week One 10/15 – All about Fabric Choices
Week Two – 10/22 – To Muslin or not Muslin / Pattern Layout and Cutting
Week Three – 10/29 –  Notion, Interfacing, Notions, oh my!
Week Four – 11 /4  – Sewing the Coat Part – 1
Week Five – 11/11 – Sewing the Coat Part – 2
Week Six – 11/18 – Sewing the Coat Part – 3 and Finishing
Week Seven – 11/25 – The Big Reveal

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