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  • Kids Summer Sewing Camp! July 19 to July 23, 2021

    Welcome to the Summer 2021! Whew last year was a doozey! But this year we are back to normal.. Kids bored.. they want to learn a new skill send them to Summer Sewing Camp for the week. Camp begins on Monday 7/19 and ends on Friday 7/23/2021! T This camp is for beginners and intermediate!…

  • New Retail Store and Instruction Lounge!

    New Retail Store and Instruction Lounge!

    New Retail Store and Instruction Lounge! 2020 was filled with quite a few highs and many lows! We made it through tho! In 2020, I moved my business from my apartment into a studio in Mount Rainier right after loosing my full-time job! The opportunity landed in my lap to move my sewing business to…

  • 1st Bra Making Conference is now Live

    Conference Registration for the Conference is now Live! Click the Registration Button to complete your attendance today! More information is updated weekly! Visit: 1st Bra Making Conference Registration Here!

  • Dream Fit Bras are a Dream!

    Hello blogger babies! Recently, I was asked to do an #ad #promotion for Dream Fit Bras. Dream Fit bras have a size range that begins with size 38DD and goes to 46DDD depending on the style of the bra. Dream Fit Bras Selection Online they have a great selection of bras in a wide range…

  • Learn Bra Making Live Instruction with Ann St. Clair

    hand crafted live instruction bra making