Fabric Shopping in the Fashion District

Being dismayed with finding “unique” fabric here in Maryland and DC I planned a day trip to New York to plan my fall sewing projects.  I knew for sure I want fabric for a coat and at least two (wool pencil skirts).  I needed to find bulk pricing on notions (zippers and elastic), and I was seeking some pretty flowers for two garments I already created.  
There were two stores of particular interest – Fabrics for Less and Chic Fashions.  These two stores had the most charming gentlemen to assist and shopping there brought me back to the old days when they negotiated prices to get you to purchase more.  You always left those stores making a friend and a warm feeling to return again! I got some really nice finds and great prices.. (I will post my finds later).. However my only thing was these guys stores are not real organized LOL.  Its difficult to see all the yummy fabrics they have so your eye has a tendency to choose what you see and you miss out on the great other finds they may have.  
My last stop was Mood Fabrics and it was a pure dream! There is a lovely young lady in the front welcoming you to take your bag(s) for security and safety reasons — aka so you don’t place anything “extra” in your bag lol! Anyway the main floor contains all the silks, linings, denim, and fabulous knits.. OH my so many knits and especially Italian knits.. I think these are the most scrumptious knits I have seen so far.. Similar to the kings you find in Saks and Neiman Marcus and they are asking $75 for a tank top! Here I was able to get beautiful pieces 72 width at only $10 and $12 a yard! I can’t wait to get sewing these! 
My best find so far was the Marc Jacobs 100% Wool fabric for the coat! I almost passed out when I saw it and my eyes would not allow me to view any other fabrics! I did find my two pieces for the pencil skirts and I am simply in love with them!  
I will post swatches of my finds later so you can see what you might have in store for yourself if you ever decide to visit the Fabric District.. happy sewing!

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