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Fabricmart Fabricista Week 1 Challenge — Handmade Do-Over

The Week One Fabricista Challenge is done and ready to vote!

We had to take a project that was a “fail” and re-do the project.. I choose a pair of culottes below to “do-over.”

Tell us about the project 

Culottes made a comeback this summer although they never left some fashionistas wardrobe. I like them because they are in between the length of shorts and pants and most look similar to an A-line skirt because of its drape.  I purchased this black and white stripe fabric from Fabric Mart initially to create culottes and a blazer (an updated summer suit). When I received the fabric the stripe is horizontal vs vertical which I found challenging as the stripes when against the grain vs with the grain. So I decided to just create the culottes with Burda Pattern Burda Pattern 6812 I chose this pattern because they were not too wide or too slim.

Here is the situation: Initially when I took, the pattern out I said “these pattern pieces seem a small? I took my measurements against the pattern pieces and said hummm this says it will “fit” even with the ease. The one joy about sewing for yourself is you can fit before the garment is finished.. You can even stick one leg in one pants leg to see how it will go. Well yes, they “fit” but the fit is too tight! I also found it very challenging with the pockets, matching the stripe with the pocket yoke because a huge challenge.

Bad Fit 1


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Bad Fit 2


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Bad Fit 3

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Craftsmanship / Do Over – I decided that I did not need the pockets, the show through the white fabric and it is not very attractive.  If you have white pockets in white pants, it should be done with “flesh-tone lining or fabric.” Therefore, I eliminated that.  I took the pattern pieces and compared them to another similar pattern and for sure this pattern is many times too small. The size 14 was bigger on the McCalls then this Burda.. I digress I still used the same Burda pattern, recut the pieces, widened the hips, raised the back rise, and I also added belt loops in case I ever wear them with a tucked in blouse. I also changed the front pleats – initially these culottes had one pleat but I divided the pleat in half, added a pleat (for two pleats), and placed the pleats directly on a dominant stripe.  I hemmed the pants with lace hem tape. The waistband and hemming were never completed in the first pair they just went to the corner of shame L

Good Fit Side View

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Good Fit Back View

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Good Fit 3

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Fit – The pants fit much better, there is no cutting in the crotch area, it is not pulling in the rear area and I have room to move in the waist and the hips.

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Vote for Me! Week 1 Challenge!

Summer Dress with Pockets Vogue 9100

Hello Darlings..

Well summer here in the District of Columbia and Maryland is coming to and end 🙁 However, the summer type of weather does not end until the end of September sometimes into October.


So I create this dress with the fabric above using Vogue 9100. I had this fabric in my stash but it came from Fabricmart Fabrics. Its a cotton twill with a bit of stretch to it. I cut the custom fit size 14 but I could have used a 12 because of the stretch. I wind up taking out about 2 to 3″ in the back because it did not fit.

flower dress


I just love that this skirt is flowy but with gathers vs pleats.. The princess seams and use of the D cup really fit nice and I had no fit issues. The back fit close to perfect with the exception of taking our a few inches.


The major plus about this dress is it has pockets! I do not know why pockets on a dress have become such an obsession lately! But I just made a shirt dress without pockets and I so regret it, I keep searching to put my hands in my pockets all day!

Anyway I love my dress its so fitting to kick it off with these cute Micheal Khors shoes that I got a few years ago.. cute gold hardware bow and kitten heel!

Do you like my dress? 🙂


Blogging Works IFB and CAFFBC — Simplicity 1373

Hello darlings!
Its been a great summer or parts of it LOL it has rained a lot here in the DC area *side eye* and really a pause for being of fashion great! However the sun has come out and with a vengeance! Average temperature 84 degress.. whoot woo! 
More about my outfit below
Even the day of this blogging event it rained, drizzled, thunder storms.. urgh! While that COULD  be romantic IF there were one you were sharing it with but .. I digress..
I attended my first blogging happy hour hosted by District Dress-up and Reddz Trading which has a new location in Georgetown.
The event was held on June 17th and it had a lot to offer including one of the local hair shops doing hair braiding.
As you can see she braid part of my hair right down the middle in a partial braid.

Two of the assistants for the night they were impressed with my Juliette Jake clutch and wanted to know if I would like to sell it LOL no I am actually seeking a Red one..

The top of the clutch actually wraps all the way around the clutch I love it!

Some of the high end items you will find here at Reddz Trading…

This is my outfit the day of.. blasphemy so ashamed back fat that has to go!

The front is fine LOL .. this is Simplicity 1373 and a self-drafted Pencil Skirt.  For the top I actually did the spread method and made the peplum just a little more flowy..

The fabric was from my stash, I purchased this fabric from Mood Fabrics it was the last piece of Oscar De La Renta cotton on the bolt it sewed great!

Top is Simplicity 1373 – Self Drafted Skirt

I thought it looked cute with my BCBG shoes found here.

You like 😉

Pattern: Top – Simplicity 1373 Skirt – Self-Drafted
Shoes: BCBG see link above
Watch: Michelle Classic Chrono
Nail Enamel: Dior Glory Special Edition 2014

Pool Blue Fabric Giveaway Winner!

…… the winner is (drum roll please!)

Jae Williams! You must claim your prize with me within the next 24 hours! 
Here is what she won! 2 yards of Pool Blue Stretch Cotton Sateen, 
a spool of thread, and a matching zipper!
I can’t wait to see what you create with your prize!
xoxoxox! *mauh*

Fabric Giveaway!

As promised….

Here is my first give away! So you like my pants eh! Well you can have your own pair, or a skirt, or a cute stylish jacket. This is two yards of the pool/ocean blue fabric, one zipper, and Gutermann’s thread! The photo here does not do it justice — the color can be better viewed on yesterday’s post of the pants I created.
Good luck and don’t forget to leave a comment on the fabric of your proposed creation or a post on how you like my pants 😉 
This is what happens when you are doing 10 bizzillion things at once you forget the actual link! *sigh* charge it to my head not my heart lol!

DIY Maxi Skirt in Silk!

Hello again! What a lovely day in the downtown Silver Spring Area!

Although the temperature begins at a steady pace, I have found it can turn as quickly scared rabbit! You almost never know what to wear! Coming from Jersey it was much easier as the weather gradually changes with beautiful Spring flowers and Fall leaves! Taking a ride in North Jersey is simply beautiful.. While most have negative opinions about Jersey the landscape is gorgeous in transition weather times.. anyway! I digress! Today I decided to wear a silk twill maxi skirt that I self drafted with a permanently attached bow!

I found this piece for fabric at the Sewing Expo in March or April and I knew exactly how to create it.. easy peezy!
Any maxi skirt you need at least two yard of fabric with a preferable width of 60 inches.  You can cut each half on either side of the fabric on the fold.
I thin added how wide I wanted my waist-band – 2″ and then the length is double your waist measurements so you can tie it as large as you like. I did interface it so it would be a bit stiffer.
I added an invisible zipper and did light gathers so this skirt is about 10 inches above my waist measurement .. if your waist is 24 add 10 then divide by 2 for the measurement of the panel on the fold.
Of course matching the stripes for the professional and polished look!
See EASY Peezy!
Sunnies: Gucci outlet
Sandals: MK adorbes!
Top: JCrew
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