DIY Maxi Skirt in Silk!

Hello again! What a lovely day in the downtown Silver Spring Area!

Although the temperature begins at a steady pace, I have found it can turn as quickly scared rabbit! You almost never know what to wear! Coming from Jersey it was much easier as the weather gradually changes with beautiful Spring flowers and Fall leaves! Taking a ride in North Jersey is simply beautiful.. While most have negative opinions about Jersey the landscape is gorgeous in transition weather times.. anyway! I digress! Today I decided to wear a silk twill maxi skirt that I self drafted with a permanently attached bow!

I found this piece for fabric at the Sewing Expo in March or April and I knew exactly how to create it.. easy peezy!
Any maxi skirt you need at least two yard of fabric with a preferable width of 60 inches.  You can cut each half on either side of the fabric on the fold.
I thin added how wide I wanted my waist-band – 2″ and then the length is double your waist measurements so you can tie it as large as you like. I did interface it so it would be a bit stiffer.
I added an invisible zipper and did light gathers so this skirt is about 10 inches above my waist measurement .. if your waist is 24 add 10 then divide by 2 for the measurement of the panel on the fold.
Of course matching the stripes for the professional and polished look!
See EASY Peezy!
Sunnies: Gucci outlet
Sandals: MK adorbes!
Top: JCrew

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