Fashion Challenge 3: Contestants Have Been Selected!

.. and guess who was selected to compete??? You got it this gal!!

I am too honored to be selected as a contestent. While this might not be a big deal to some its a damn big deal to me.. I never thought over 30 years ago I could ever take my passion and skill for sewing to this magnitude of a level..


This certainly brought joy to me on Friday because I was really feeling down about a different issue.. Then with the never ending health issues.. I was like yeah ok! But as the old saying says.. “God does not place anymore on you than you can bare” and “when one door closes — yes! Two more open!” Thank goodness I have some lovely people in my corner that always have an open ear for me to vent — Erica Bunker thank you so much!


Anyway the contest begins on September 11, 2015! Please follow me on the social media channels as I do generally post different content!

Thanks for your support dolls!

Fabricmart Fabrics – Fabricistas Fabric Challenge 3

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