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Week 4 Vogue 1467 Coat Sew Along – Coat Shell, Sleeves

Hey now! We are in Week 4 and down to our final three posts for Vogue 1467 Coat Sew Along whew! Today we will look at the outside construction Coat Shell, back belt, and the sleeves. Below you see the back construction of the jacket, the most challenging part is that triangle at the top which makes this pea coat very unique. Initially I set it in using the reversed side, I let it set for a day to see if I like it and I did not. I took it out and flipped it to the side you see now. Everything else was then top-stitched.

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Vogue 1467 Coat Shell

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Then you add the faux belt, button holes, and the buttons.  If you notice the belt is not the same as the fabric, I thought it would be different if I lined the belt with the lining that I am using for the coat 🙂 No one says the pattern must be followed to the letter!

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Back view of Vogue 1467

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Below you see the sleeve cap.  I cut 2 x 12 strips and sewed them along with the sleeve.

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Vogue 1467 Coat Sleeves

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Inside Sleeve Cap Vogue 1467

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  1. Cut the 2 x 12 strip from your interfacing (preferably non fusible)
  2. Baste the strip to the top of the sleeve head
  3. Sew long stitches from one notch to the other notch.]
  4. Gather your sleeve spreading the gathers out evenly, steam press the sleeve head slightly to shrink it a bit.  Then, pin into the armsyce. You will use lots and lots of pins — oh yeah they hurt when they stick you lol
  5. Sew in your sleeve.

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Pleated then gathered[spacer height=”20px”]
Finished Armscye and Sleeve [spacer height=”20px”]
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My Lining came from Patron Fabrics in NYC they dont have a website but there is a good review on Yelp.

Wool and Cashmere Fabric Mood Fabrics. love love love their selections!


Two Piece Jersey Vogue 8935

Well Summer is definitely upon us! Warm weather outside including humidity and its nippy inside.. so much so I have on long sleeves and a heater under my desk lol.  I have so many things I have sewn and not worn I though I would pull this out.  This pattern was so cute when it came out last year from Vogue! I then found the perfect fabric in one of my many NYC trips! The fabric is definitely not too bold and its definitely not plain!

Cute buttons I found I believe at JoAnn’s!

Hanging on the dress form!
This fabric was definitely a dream to sew very easy and very quick! Would I make another set.. yes as it was easy.. As long as I find the “perfect” fabric again. No alterations were made to this pattern.
Necklace: JCrew
Shoes: Ann Taylor (2013 Season)
Wash and  wear hair…
You likie???

Silk and Leather…

This is the last in the series of photos that were taken in November, unfortunately I don’t have access to rest of them to share .. More will be taken soon hopefully this week as the weather breaks and I have someone available to take them for me..


This outfit is created from 100% silk and 100% Leather.  The silk was obtained from Mood Fabrics and can be found here. The leather was one big hide I think about 23 sq. ft. and that was obtained from Tandy Leathers in Essex Maryland.

The pattern used for the sweatshirt was Vogue 8877 with alternations noted below and the pants were made from McCalls 6404 altering a few of the pieces.

For the shirt I made it a true sweatshirt by adding ribbing to the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the shirt to give it the bunching look.  The bodice of the shirt was also cut on the salvage as it gave the shirt more character, the sleeves were cut from a different silk.

The pants I cut the legging pieces straight instead of diagonal like view C.  Since this leather does not stretch as recommended on the pattern I should have cut it a hair bigger. Some leather is just like woven fabric they do not stretch. If you get it wet you might find it will stretch but it does not bounce back into shape like a true knit fabric.

Would I create the pants again, yes as the style of the legging have lots of character and design alternatives? Another lux sweatshirt maybe not..

Shoes: JCrew
Hair and Highlights: Kier Ross-Johnson for Bangz Hair Salon Montclair NJ


Photo Shoot Sneak Peek!

Well my photo shoot finally took place yesterday and at first I wasn’t nervous.. ah it will be a cinch.. I have done some modeling before .. But  I was a lot younger then! We shot about 5 outfits and it took about 4 hours.. I never knew it would take so long and standing in heels in and out of changes was a bit grueling.. Now I know why they are top models.. then you must totally listen to your photographer and tune out outside interference was not easy.. You have to stand straight, shoulders back, head up hair perfect lipstick on smile big pose no leg more leg soft hand.. dern whew thats a lot.. But I had fun and I would do it again.. I felt so special for the day!
This is photo is a sneak peek of one of the photographers that snapped me with my own FujiPix S4400 humm came out pretty dern good!
This dress is a Vogue pattern with shirring on the side, the fabric came from Mood Fabrics (one that was not on my list) but I saw it and had to have it. I originally planned to create a top but I think the dress came out much nicer! The whole shoot is coming with shoes and all but I just couldn’t wait to share this!

Of course when I go to NY I can never stay on course with my list.. I always vear away and purchase other and extra fabric lol the prices are just fabulous.. Anyway this leopard print fabric was obtained at MOOD Fabrics.. Its a beautiful crisp hand knit, but it is a bit on the thin side.  I purchase another piece blended knit for the lining.  The pattern was easy and it sewed quickly.. more details below.. Soon as I get to wear it I will post a photo..lol

Project Review Detailed
Pattern Description: One style of pullover, close-fitting dress.  Designer – Tracy Reese
Pattern Used: Vogue 1314
Pattern Sizing: Cut a 12 for the top, 14 for the skirt
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done? Yes, just like it!
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, the instructions were clear.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Nothing it constructed well
Fabric Used: 100% Boiled wool
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Had to alter the hip area
Would you sew it again? Maybe, I only wanted the pattern for this particular fabric.

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