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Mother’s Day Skirt McCalls M6842

Happy Mother’s Day!

Flower Skirt M6842

Mother’s Day Skirt M6842

For this project, I used two fabrics.  The fabric used is from A Fabric Place in Baltimore. The bottom layer of fabric is navy blue taffeta.  The top layer of fabric is an embroidered tulle with 3-D flowers in red, pink, and orange. When I saw this fabric a few weeks ago I had to have it. I also did a preview of this fabric on Instagram when Sewing Design School did a monthly photohop and asked us to post #fabrictoafraidtocut!

I generally do not have a fear to cut fabric, it’s fabric, I control it I won’t let it control me! The only part that I did have a slight fear of is wasting the precious petals of the fabric and or cutting it in the correct direction.  I used the larger group of petal pieces as they actually went across the grain of the fabric. The more cascading petals were near the end of the fabric on the left side of it. I have a good portion of pieces left over that I refuse to discard. Perhaps I will add them to a clutch or a cool T-shirt to add some flare!

Here are more photos!

As you can see I did not hem the tulle, it does not fray.  However, the placement of the petals are uneven throughout the fabric it was almost impossible to hem as I would remove a great deal of the petals!

Close up of the embroidery on the fabric!

The wind was really whipping after dinner yesterday I am pretty sure quite a few got a peep show downtown Baltimore as my niece took my photos..lol

Do you like my shoes?

I will provide more details on these later this week, they are a combination of a store-bought shoe and a do-it-yourself added accessory!

Pattern McCalls 6842
Fabric: A Fabric Place in Baltimore
Top: Zara
Necklace: JCrew Factory
Lipstick: Tom Ford Cherry Lush Lipstick
Nail Polish: Essie Satin Sister



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Backless Floral Dress McCalls 3673

Backless Floral Dress McCall’s 3673.  When I saw this dress and pattern on Beaute Jadore’s blog i knew I had to have it Vintage McCall’s 3673 I was lucky enough to find the pattern in my size on Amazon for a great price!

Floral Dress Back View
Floral Dress Back View

I held onto the pattern for a moment but knew I wanted to sew it for a girlfriends 60th Birthday party! However, while this looks cute on the pattern face and the fabric is trey adorable from GStreet.. It need modifications that I totally ignored. This dress has no darts in the bodice.. I really thought I could get away with this — NOT! If you are a D cup this pattern needs major altering. It needs bust darts and a self-bra as finding a totally backless bra for a D cup is close to impossible. If I had (which I generally do) think out such patterns ahead of time I would have consulted my bra making group on the direction for this.

I went on the hunt for the backless bra (insert rolly eyes here) — why don’t we have this — why!

Floral Dress McCalls 3763
Floral Dress McCalls 3763

Floral Dress Front View

I will not show the back its not attractive at all.. I don’t do photo embarrassment by any means..

Floral Dress McCalls 3763
Floral Dress McCalls 3763


As you can see no shape at all in the bodice.. Darts create a shape where there is none and allows for an attractive lift. *lesigh* but I still received lots of complements and that is a good thing!

As you can see “someone” totally forgot their mascara, I got a bit distracted while getting dressed  and was rushing to be on time for her red carpet entrance! We arrived just in time!

Fabric: GStreet, Rockville, MD
Necklace: JCrew Old
Shoes: BCBG – Orange Suede



Making Jeans McCalls 6610

Hello Darlings!

Today’s Post (is long over due) will speak to jean making. I have created quite a few pairs of jeans in different styles; distressed, dressy like, and just pants created from jean fabric. This is my first pair of “jeans” it has the coin pocket, back pockets, etc.


I would have to say these are my favorite jeans and are very comfortable. The only complaint I have is I did not create my waistband “sturdy enough” it stretched out quickly. I will not remove and make another for one there is no more fabric and two it’s just too much trouble. So I will still wear them and deal with it LOL.
The link to this pattern is McCalls 6610 and trust me this pattern is so worth it! It has two different style of legs and each leg style is a different pattern piece, not a pattern piece that you have to cut or trace. And oh yes I refuse to trace a pattern unless its a serious hack or its a bra pattern. I hate the whole aspect of tracing on tracing paper… I don’t sew for others that often so I have no issue cutting up a pattern.
This is the lay out of the jeans on the fabric I chose view A the straight leg pattern.
I love the pocket detail here it’s just like jeans you purchase in the store where the cotton pocket goes all the way across the pants top. Here my lining is a heavy weight cotton I purchased from Hobby lobby it works really well with jean fabric.

Top Stitching of the front pocket.


I made an attempt at a bit of embroidery with my regular machine. It’s supposed to be a C and a G to represent Curvy Girl but yeah that’s what I got at the biggest setting 🙁
I have an embroidery machine now I will attempt this again.

I loved loved loved the coin pocket detail. My machine sewed through this with a breeze! You can see my belt loop attachment as well. I used the exact measurement for the belt loop but it was a bit big. I will need to make smaller next time.


Rivets are a bit challenging they should be at all the stress points but this was not easy hence, you only see two. I have a rivet machine now so I will definitely try again.

This top is a Lisette 1666 but the pattern is out of print (OOP) now. I altered the pattern to have a lower back and shorter zipper. I also made a matching lace top in the same manner.

Someone commented on my Facebook page “when did I get hips?” I thought that was hilarious!


MISSES’/MISS PETITE JEANS: Fitted, straight or boot-legged jeans have waistband, carriers, pockets, front stay, yoke back, fly front zipper closing and narrow hem. Note: fitting tips included. Purchased belt.
SUGGESTED FABRICS: Denim, Lining for pockets: Medium weight cotton or Muslin.
NOTIONS:A, B: 7″ Zipper, One 5/8″ Button, 11/2″ – 2″ Purchased Belt.
Pattern Sizing: 6-24 (I cut a 16 and reduced the waist)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you completed sewing with it? Yes, exactly.
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, very easy no problems at all.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Nothing simple “go to” pattern cuts and sews quickly.
Fabric Used: Jean Fabric with a bit of stretch
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Reduced the waistband, widened the hips
Would you sew it again? YES!
Would you recommend it to others? Yes, good traditional jean pattern!
Conclusion: I did not find this pattern difficult at all; I can probably sew it without the instructions next time.


Booties: Ray Roy from Saks (old)

Bracelets: David Yurman

Watch: Michelle
Necklace: DIY
Belt: Tory Burch Reversible Belt (similar)

I have a few more jeans on my list namely the Ginger Jeans that a few of my fellow Bloggers have created! I have read her instructions and they are quite interesting. I may get around to it in the next few weeks.

Maxi Dress Love! McCalls 6700


Did ya miss me??
Well I did create an outfit for Easter — dress beautiful brocade spring coat.. but I did not get the lining and buttons in time.. So I never finished the coat.. I hate UFPs (unfinished projects) — urgh but I will for sure get to it and maybe wear it for Mother’s day.. Any so I spent all of yesterday — yes on Easter finishing a self-drafted maxi skirt and this dress.. which I have to say I created in about two hours! It was a very easy sew.. love love it and the fabric feels great.. I can see many seasons  wearing this garment.. What you think yeah or nay??
Pattern Description: McCalls 6700 Pullover dress has fitted, mock
wrap bodice, shoulder ties, elasticized shoulders and raised (seamed) waist,
fitted, narrow hem, thread carriers and self belt.

Pattern Sizing:
8 – 16 — I cut a 10 for the top and 12 for the bottom which were more than
generous and fits well.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the
pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes just like the

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes for the most
part, the small tie was a wee bit confusing as to where to place it. I am not
sure I would put it on the top again? However, that does give some character to
the shoulder area..

What did you particularly like or dislike about
the pattern?
Nothing it is a great maxi dress to sew! You can dress this up
or down.

Fabric Used: I am not quite sure as I obtained this from
the famous $2.97 table at G Street Fabrics. I know for sure it is a knit — I believe
it may have some lycra or spandex. It sews very well, stays put when you pin

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Nope none
I love the length and all

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend
it to others?
Yes I would and it is a good dress for

Conclusion: Great dress and I would sew this again!

I will try to get some photos posted of me wearing it 😉
Yeah or nay??

Silk and Leather…

This is the last in the series of photos that were taken in November, unfortunately I don’t have access to rest of them to share .. More will be taken soon hopefully this week as the weather breaks and I have someone available to take them for me..


This outfit is created from 100% silk and 100% Leather.  The silk was obtained from Mood Fabrics and can be found here. The leather was one big hide I think about 23 sq. ft. and that was obtained from Tandy Leathers in Essex Maryland.

The pattern used for the sweatshirt was Vogue 8877 with alternations noted below and the pants were made from McCalls 6404 altering a few of the pieces.

For the shirt I made it a true sweatshirt by adding ribbing to the neck, sleeves, and bottom of the shirt to give it the bunching look.  The bodice of the shirt was also cut on the salvage as it gave the shirt more character, the sleeves were cut from a different silk.

The pants I cut the legging pieces straight instead of diagonal like view C.  Since this leather does not stretch as recommended on the pattern I should have cut it a hair bigger. Some leather is just like woven fabric they do not stretch. If you get it wet you might find it will stretch but it does not bounce back into shape like a true knit fabric.

Would I create the pants again, yes as the style of the legging have lots of character and design alternatives? Another lux sweatshirt maybe not..

Shoes: JCrew
Hair and Highlights: Kier Ross-Johnson for Bangz Hair Salon Montclair NJ


Complete McCalls 6083 E Jumpsuit, this was fun to make. I made a light blue leather belt with three knots in the middle to match.

Project Review Detailed Pattern Description: Misses Tops with variations
 Pattern Used: McCalls 6084 Pattern Sizing: I cut the 8
 on the top, 14 bottom

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done? Yes I would say so

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, the instructions were clear.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The crotch was a bit short, I had to adjust the waist. If I sewed it again to would make the bodice longer.

Fabric Used: Stretch striped denim— Mood Fabrics NYC

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Created more width in the hip area.

Would you sew it again? Yes might make the halter view in pants.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes, cute jumpsuits in long and short pant variations.

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